Leveraging Evidence-Based Strategies to

Successfully Address Learning Loss


We find ourselves situated in an uprecedented time. The global COVID19 pandemic has impacted nearly every aspect of our lives - especially as it relates to education. While virtual teaching and learning is slowly transitioning back to the classroom, students and teachers need support more than ever.


According to research conducted by the Annenburg Institute at Brown University and Results for America (February 2021), creating strong systems to monitor for early student warning signs paired with strong norms and routines help students recover emotionally and engage academically during and following the novel coronavirus pandemic.  


Educators need clear indicators of where students are in order to create the needed pathways to success. Flexible Creativity, Inc. recognizes that data drives the decision-making that forms instruction, intervention, and remediation. Data is the key to identifying the appropriate evidence-based interventions to address learning loss.


To that end, we continue to support classrooms through our customized professional development services and our one-of-a-kind mathematics assessment resources (both our new diagnostic formative assessments and existing performance-based assessments) that can provide this data in a much-needed way.


Current assessment designs tend to provide data on what a student should know or be able to do for a specific mathematics standard at a specific point in time. They often miss identifying a student's readiness to begin or continue through the mathematics material, speicifically whether the student has a grasp of prior level material in order to move to the current content and beyond.


Flexible Creativity's most recent assessment design - Diagnostic Formative Assessments - fills this data gap. These assessments are uniquely built with a rubric designed to identify the strength of a student's background knowledge, as well as the student's knowledge and skill progressively through the current content.  Further, each assessment includes a guided group lesson plan template for the classroom teacher and personal learning goals chart for students.  Click here to learn more about the variety of unique features in our diagnostic formative assessments.


Further, our Performance-Based Assessment package still offers a supply of authentic, open-response tasks that introduce students to mathematics application across a variety of careers.  Click here for more information.


How can Flexible Creativity help your school or division identify learning loss through evidence-based interventions?


We offer differentiated tracks that assist educators in identifying and implementing evidence-based interventions that address learning loss.


  • Professional development (multi-day; virtual or face-to-face) with school or division teams in developing custom diagnostic formative assessments and responding to the results
  • Acquire Flexible Creativity's mathematics diagnostic formative assessments or performance-based assessments (or both!) for implementation in your school or division
  • Acquire Flexible Creativity's mathematics diagnostic formative assessments or performance-based assessments for implementation in your school or division with added professional development (multi-day recommended; virtual or face-to-face) on responding to the results


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