About Us


Dr. Dan MulliganDr. Dan Mulligan leads his private consulting, instructional resource and assessment firm, Flexible Creativity, Inc.  Dan has an extensive history serving with various educational consulting firms.  Additionally, he has served as the Director of Instructional Accountability (Hampton, Virginia) and as the Director of Assessment and Accountability and lead supervisor for curriculum and instruction (Chesapeake, Virginia). He has more than 30 years educational experience in New York City and Virginia. Dan has conducted workshops and served as a speaker at conferences all across the nation. He has earned many national and state awards including Virginia Mathematics Teacher of the Year, General Electric Star Teacher for Mathematics, and Presidential Honoree for Teaching Mathematics.  Dan has dedicated his professional career to helping improve student achievement, especially for the most challenged learners.


A Note from Dan Mulligan

I am thrilled to begin this new adventure, Flexible Creativity, Inc., and share with you some of the best resources within education. I believe in the practice of ‘reflect what you expect.’ And every aspect of this company aspires to achieve that goal. Each workshop focuses on the mission and goals of each teacher, school, principal and district in attendance. The training is validated by providing a research-based record of effectiveness and then models the best practice with appropriate time for dialogue and reflection. The products you will find offered on this website are designed to inspire creativity and enhance student learning. I am confident Flexible Creativity will exceed your expectations.