Activate the Brain

Does your dream classroom include cooperative and engaged students who are eager to learn?  Do you endeavor to balance each student's instructional need with any emotional, social or academic concerns?  If you are like the majority of classroom teachers, you know that all of your students possess intelligence, but they may struggle with tapping its full potential.  A fully engaged classroom of students is achievable - the key is to activate the brain!


Lead researchers (Dr. Eric Jensen, Dr. Carla Hannaford, Dr. Melodie DeJager, and others) are finding that neurological reorganization can help to eliminate symptoms such as aggression, inattentiveness, ADD/ADHD, reading and writing difficulties, social ineptness, apathy, poor ability to transition, just to name a few!  More importantly, having students start each day with just 5-10 minutes of specific exercise movements can lead to the neurological reorganization necessary to reduce or eliminate these major classroom obstacles.


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