2016 Virginia Mathematics Standards of Learning

Performance-Based Assessments


Flexible Creativity, Inc. has developed performance-based assessments that focus on the increased rigor of the 2016 Virginia Standards of Learning assessments.   Teachers and students will build confidence when using these open-response assessment questions.  Research has shown that students perform with greater success on assessments when they are familiar with the type and style of questioning as well as the content.  All resources are available for mathematics grades 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II.


4.5 Sample Cover


Performance-Based Assessment workbooks provide a means to assess authentically with a view to college and career readiness, even at elementary levels.  Each workbook (one for each Virginia mathematics standard) includes performance tasks based on authentic, real-world problem-based situations framed within the context of the career setting.  By asking students to not only find the 'answer' but often to provide written explanations to support their answer, teachers are able to engage with each student response to determine the 'how' and 'why' of a student's thinking!  A rubric is provided with each task.  More than just assessment, this performance-based assessment workbook can provide a springboard for whole-class or small-group instruction, a center-based activity or other classroom learning opportunities.


4.5 Sample TOC


Teachers and students will benefit from the use of these materials as they construct a classroom full of dialogue, inquiry and reflection.  This process will allow teachers to prioritize essential knowledge, skills and processes needing further instruction and develop next steps to move students to higher level of critical thinking, and, ultimately, successful assessment.


4.5 Task 2 Sample Preview


All assessments will be provided electronically in both Microsoft Word and PDF.  You are free to copy these items into any software program (for example, smartboard, testing, etc.) that you currently have available in your school or division. 


Contact us for more information, including pricing for your school or division.  Be sure to include the grade levels/content areas and number of schools for a specific quote.  


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