Albemarle Elementary August 2023





Albemarle Presentation Elementary Session (Google Slide and PPT)

Albemarle County Life-Long Learner Competencies (Google Doc and Word)



Learning Intentions 

What am I learning today?

I am learning research-based strategies that have a high correlation with improving engagement, critical thinking, and the achievement of students.


Why am I learning it?

Teachers account for about 30% of the variance in student growth. It is what teachers know, do, and care about which is very powerful in the learning equation. (Hattie, 2003)



Percent of Student Achievement


Percent of Student Achievement 


How will I know when I have learned it?

I know I have learned it when I can purposefully implement effective research-based instructional strategies.



Workshop Artifacts



PLC Quick Check (Google Doc and Word)

Effective Learning Strategies Process (Google Doc and Word)



Gear 1: What do we expect our students to learn?

Unwrap 2023-2024 Template (Google Doc and Word)

Visible Learning (Google Doc and Word)

Learning Progressions SOL (Google Doc and Word)


Gear 2: How will we know they are learning?



Gear 3: What learning strategies will produce our best results?

Thinking Routines 2023-2024 (Google Doc and Word)

Thinking Routines 5C/Unpack (Google Doc and Word)

Second Question (Google Doc and Word)

TAPS Strategy Block (Google Doc and Word)

Triangle Trivia Sample (Google Doc and PPT)




Gear 4: How will we respond when they don't learn?

Small Group Lesson Framework (Google Doc and Word)

Differentiation Dinner Menu (Google Doc and Word)

Choice Board (Google Slide and PPT)

My Personal Goals (Google Doc and Word)

Blind Sequencing (Google Doc and Word)


Gear 5: How will we respond if they already know it?

RAFT (Google Doc and Word)

Genius Hour (Google Doc and Word)